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How can I join Hella Food?

  • You´ll have to apply with the application form on our website. You can also find a link to the form on our Facebook- and Instagram-profiles. You can apply in July/August or January.

What language you use in Hella Food?

  • The teaching in workshops will be in finnish and we recommend that you have little knowledge of speaking finnish. Hella Food can be great way to learn speaking finnish.


Who is Hella Food for?

  • Anybody between 18-29 YO that is interested in food and cooking in general.
    You don’t have to have prior experience in a kitchen, we only ask that you commit to the course for 4 months. We will choose 18 participants to one course. You don’t have to be sure if you want to start a career in the restaurant-business, with Hella Food you can also experience new things and get to know new people in a safe, judgement-free surrounding.


How are choosing participants?

  • We will choose our participants based on who we think can get the most out of the course, for example if you are unemployed, without a study place or just haven’t found your calling in your professional -life, we think Hella Food would be awesome for you.


Can I apply for a spot even though I have a job?

  • Ofcourse you can, bare in mind that the workshops will be held on Mondays from 15:00 - 21:00 and Sundays from 12:00 - 18.00 plus the other activities we have planned for other weekdays. With careful planning it is possible to do both.


Do I need any prior cooking experience?

  • No you don’t, the only thing you need is a good attitude. The workshops will start from the basic stuff and gradually go towards more advanced stuff.


How much does Hella Food cost?

  • Nothing, Hella Food is totally free. You will also have the chance to complete a hygiene proficiency certificate for free during the course.


What is Job Shadowing?

  • During Hella Food you will do Job Shadow “shifts” where you are allowed to track how chefs do their job in a real restaurant. Job Shadow will be once a week during the Hella Food and you will be going to ten different restaurants to do Job Shadow shifts. One shift will take 8 hours and you can participate and help the chefs to make their work.


What is career counseling?

  • During the Hella Food career counseling, students and career counselor are working together to find students goals and hopes for finding a work or study place. Every student is justified to have a individual plan, which helps them to find their own path in working or student life. Career counseling is provided on both an individual and group basis.


What we do we basically do in Hella Food?

  • Hella Food last 4 months and there are different kind of program for the whole time. We have cooking workshops every monday or sunday in Flavour Studio teaching kitchen. On the other weekdays we have Job Shadow, we will visit some of the best kitchens in town and meet the people who run them.. We will also work closely with a personal career-counselor to help get a "foot in the door." The course will end in a pop-up-restaurant that the course participants will run. The course will be thoroughly documented so that the participants can clearly show what they have learned when applying for a studyplace or a job. You also get a hygiene proficiency certificate for free. On the first day in Hella Food you will get a schedule which tells you all the days we will have program.


Will I get a job after Hella Food?

  • During the Hella Food class we will teach you the basics to be a restaurant chef. We cannot promise to every student that they will get a job after Hella Food. However we have a huge restaurant network in Helsinki, so we try to help everyone who wants to have a job, to get one. Incase you want study to be a chef, we will help you with that aswell.