Oliver Hurskainen

head chef of Hella Food

Oliver graduated from Perho culinary institute in 2012. After his graduation he worked at G.W Sundamns and restaurant Muru. After almost three years at Muru, Oliver got diagnosed with rheumatism and after that he decided to travel for a while. At the beginning of 2018, the founders of Hella Food, Sebastian & Ville contacted Oliver and offered him the job as "head chef"  for Hella Food. Oliver took the job and here we are.

teemu laurell


Teemu is the won Top Chef in 2012  and currently runs his own restaurant, Shelter. He has previously worked at G.W Sundmans, Fishamarket, Demo and Sipuli.



Kristian Perkola on todella arvostettu kokki. Hän toiminut kokkina vuodesta 1994 ja ollut lukuisissa ravintoloissa niin kokkina kuin keittiömestarina. Hän ollut töissä Chez Dominiquessa, Oaxen Krogissa, Demossa, ja Solnassa. Lisäksi Kristian on ollut mukana avaamassa BW-ravintoloita Farang, Gaijin ja Boulevard Social.




Kalle is the chef and owner of Restaurant Basso & Baskeri. He has a long history in different restaurants in Helsinki. He was the star of the tv show Chef on the beach which aired in 2014 on fox tv. Before Kalle was a chef he was known as the notorious rock star "Kalle the cat.”





Erno Kemi


Erno is the head chef of the Michelin star restaurant Ora and has previously worked for restaurants such as Chez Dominique, Sasso, A21 and Mange Sud. Erno has also been part of the culinary team of Finland




Ville is the other founder of Hella Food, he has worked with event management in the past and is the father of big events such as Bassline festival and Bass camp. Ville is also one of the founders of Basso Media



Jussi Raunio

Farang, ASk, Boathouse

Also know from Top Chef, he has been active in restaurants such as Boathouse, Pianissimo, Ask and Pastis. Jussi is one of the founders of the Finnish Food Mafia






Antti Asujamaa


Antti is a well-known chef in Helsinki and has been in the industry for a long time. He is operating two restaurants at the moment Ragu and Shelter. Previously he was the head chef at Sasso and Sipuli.


sebastian harju

hella Food

Sebastian is one of the founders of Hella Food, and he is working as the General manager and career counselor at Hella Food. He has worked for several years as a youth counselor for Helsinki.


Akseli Herlevi.png


Naughty BRGR

Akseli is the first Top Chef Finland winner. Since then he has opened 4 Naughty BRGR restaurants and has his own TV-show "Burgerimies"




Yes Yes Yes

Linnea was 25 year-old when she started her studies at Perho culinary institute and she graduated in 2012. She has worked as a head-chef at vegan based restaurant Yes Yes Yes. Linnea also appears in a Finnish tv show “Mitä tänään syötäisiin”.





Henri is a well-known chef and is one of the owners of restaurants Muru, Pastis, Sue Ellen and the recently opened Ultima. He has also published several cookbooks and appears in multiple tv shows as well


Nico Österberg

Sås Catering, Yrttipojat

Nico was a chef at restaurant Piazza Duomo in Italy which has three Michelin stars. He have also worked at restaurant´s Grön and Juuri. Now he run two companies together with Valtteri, one successful catering company and another “wild herb” company called Yrttipojat.


JouniRahikainen & Elmo Luoma-Aho.jpg

Jouni Rahikainen


Jouni is an internationally renowned chef that has worked in restaurants in the UK, Australia, and Finland. He has been in a key role when opening restaurants such as Kämp Signé, Ask and Lonna. Jouni recently opened kitchen & bar by Maannos .



Valtteri Sinkkonen

Sås Catering, Yrttipojat

Valtteri was a Hella Food student in 2015. Hella Food was a good start for Valtteri and his career as a chef. He have worked in restaurants like Street Gastro, BasBas and Nolla. Now he is studying to be a head-chef and runs two companies together with Nico Österberg, one successful catering company and another “wild herb” company called Yrttipojat.